West Melbourne, Australia born and raised, but the vibrations are everywhere. 
In an age of sonics and connection. 

Naté Vibrations takes centre in his own universe, and we are all a part of it.

Naté is an alternative/hip-hop artist, only at the very beginning of his journey. Already having opened up for international artists like Xavier Wulf and playing full packed shows at Melbourne's favourite venues such us... Prince Bandroom, Evelyn Hotel and Crown Towers.  


Early 2021 Naté dropped a very experimental EP “Different Kinds Of Treasure” displaying the versatility and the capability he has with bringing a story to life through music and song. 
 Having experimented with lots of sounds and being locked in the studio for countless amount of hours after that release. it’s going to be a very exciting and impactful future when this new music starts to make its way out. 


“My mind is for the world, My heart is for the people.”

-Naté | Melbourne 

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